Molenstraat 4, 4364 AA Grijpskerke, NL

ENVO- DAN Agricultural Weed Burner

The ENVO-DAN burners are designed for weed control in organic vegetable production. An ENVO-Dan burner is custom made to fit your needs, whether that be beds, ridges or flat fields.

They are available in various different models with working widths of 1,5 meters to 6,6 meters. On special request a 9,2 is also available. This well-built machinery allows you to reduce your gas usage up to 40% compared to other burners on the market. The ENVO-DAN is equipped with E-Therm, an air supply which creates overpressure underneath the burner and ensures a uniform treatment of weeds throughout the width, regardless of wind direction and speed.

With ENVO-Dan you can burn up to Beaufort scale 6 which means you can ride faster and more effective.


Choose ENVO-Dan for:

· Energy saving
· Less sensitive to winds
· CO2-reducing
· Low noise
· Online service concept
· Mounting front or back in the three-point hitch system of the tractor