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The Treffler precision 3-point cultivator is available in various models with working widths of 2.50 m to 4.30 m. Thanks to the modular design, the cultivator can be customised to suit your specific requirements. Suitable for operation with tractors from 59 kW / 80 HP.


The perfect cultivator – with our without sowing system. Extra low cutting of all weeds. Precision depth control thanks to suspended supporting wheels and spring rollers.

TypeFolding systemWorking widthSectionsTinesTandem supporting wheelsTransport widthWeightRequired traction force 
TGA 250no2.50 m1 x 2.50 m1123.00 m900 kg59 kW / 80 PSClick for More Info
TGA 300no3.00 m1 x 3.00 m1323.00 m1100 kg75 kW / 100 PSClick for More Info
TGA 430yes4.30 m1 x 0.65 m, 1 x 3.00 m, 1 x 0.65 m1923.00 m1900 kg88 kW / 120 PSClick for More Info