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BirdAlert, smart scarecrow

Do your fields suffer from rooks and crows, from seagulls and geese? Or perhap starlings in the orchard?

The BirdAlert specifically targets the type of bird and chases the intruders away! The effect is astonishing.

The BirdAlert software "recognizes" individual bird sounds via a microphone. The BirdAlert then produces appropriate flight cries. Within a radius of 250 meters (20 ha.), the specific birds are constantly chased away.

For variation and extra effect, other scare instruments can be connected to the BirdAlert: gas cannon, scareman, eagle eye.

The BirdAlert is connected to the mobile network. Via an app on your phone you can follow the operation of this smart guy and adjust it where necessary.

The BirdAlert works selectively only when the birds are present and this makes the system effective. BirdAlert is an intelligent scarecrow that birds find it difficult to adapt to