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Man@Machine for environmental, people and animal friendly technologies.

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Many years of farming and working with farming implements distinguish us in our field.

Choosing the right machine to take care of your food and crops is a matter of conviction, experience and quality. It’s our business to provide you with machines especially suited to your personal needs. When you have a look at our website you will find a list of all the machines and a detailed account of each specific machines exceptional qualities.

Have a look for yourself, only the best is good enough for your foods and crops.


Why buy directly from Man@Machine?

Knowledge and experience
35 years of practical experience in farming and farm machinery
We are your direct link to the manufacturer, no dealers, no extra costs, you get the discount!
Customer service
Our excellent customer service distinguishes Man@Machine.
We can arrange customized machinery for every need.
We understand farming. Let us advise you and customize your order
Providing long term service with every order.
Keep Cool
Take cover & find Shade